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In 2011, I, Sam Tolson, created a non-profit organization called Face Yourself. We aimed to help anyone who struggled with depression, self-harm, bullying and/or any mental or physical struggles. This organization had to go through major changes because of a legal battle over organization names. Because of that, we are now known as “Free Your Mind” - with the same motivation and dedication to helping anyone in need.

Through out life, our biggest adventure is finding out who we are and one of the easiest connections with those around us is how we share emotion. Many people find similarities in art such as music, painting, designing. Others find connections in traveling, maybe cooking or a type of sport. The possibilities are endless and we may never know how things will end up in our lives. Despite that, one thing is very certain. We live happier lives when we are surrounded by others and by positivity. You're probably thinking "Yeah but sometimes I like to be alone" and trust me, so do I. It wasn't until I grew older that I realized how much we pull off of others. Little conversations, laughs and smiles, when someone notices your new hair cut, when you share similar tastes in music. The way that last 5 minute conversation caused you to no longer slouch in your chair in class over the next hour. Positivity is such an easy gift to give to others and the easiest way we can do so is surrounding ourselves with good, loving people so that we too feel that happiness and love.

We give and take in our society and lately, it has seemed more of "take" than "give." As humans, the interactions we are capable of having with one another are endless. If we help ourselves build positivity and help those around us build positivity, it will create a better outcome for everyone. It's the same concept the movie "Pay It Forward" had. We give a little and someone else gives a little and then eventually, everyone gets a little bit of something good. We can so easily do this just by a smile, a "good job" or a friendly conversation with the person sitting next to you.

I want to help inspire others to push themselves to seek out this positivity by releasing the negativity around them and in their minds, while also helping myself do the same. Without those surrounding me, I don't think I would have ever made it as far in this life as I am now. I am incredibly grateful for that and that is why I created Free Your Mind and previously Face Yourself. In 2016, I began re-branding the idea of Face Yourself and wanted to think what the next step was that I could take to help others. With everything I do, I strive to let those in my life know I am a person they can count on. Whether it is a 5 hour conversation or a 5 minute conversation. Maybe a drive to pick them up at 2am or 2pm. Sometimes life feels impossible to face alone and our dark thoughts can be our biggest enemies. This is where the name Free Your Mind was discovered.

My most prominent personal struggle is being stuck inside my head and not allowing others in to help. Music is my release and through my music, I am able to connect with those in my life a different way. A way in which I determined more comfortable for myself. I want to help all those around me find their own way of freeing their mind. Though this is only the beginning, I look forward to building a safe and positive place that anyone can be a part of and feel safe in. Life is full of adventures, so Free Your Mind, pay attention to the little things and strive to bring positivity to others lives, including your own.


If you are in need of someone to talk to about any struggles you are having, please email us here:

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